What is the problem

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, commuting to work highlights a possible risk of community contamination. We think about how to make our journeys safe and protected.

Solution Overview

The Community Virtual Gate (CVG), wants to be a concept of an innovative operational infrastructure for monitoring, protecting and certifying cycle mobility to commute safely from home to the office.

Solution's stage of development

We plan to develop:

THE SO-CALLED NETWORK VIRTUAL GATE (NVG) a system which operates as a central unit for data collection with the aim to lead the user to the destination by ensuring constant monitoring of the movement, detecting any risk situations, and certifying healthy people on the move. It consists of the following systems:

  1. An application - called the CWSS app - for cyclists.
  2. Integrated IoT systems for the detection of information.
  3. Thermo scanner detection system.
  4. It acts as an oracle for storing data on the blockchain.

A SYSTEM - CALLED CYCLE WAY SECURITY SYSTEM (CVSS) CONSISTING OF: Modules, totems and signs in eco-sustainable materials for the identification and circumscription of a route.


  1. User registration.
  2. Search and display of geolocated CWSS gates.
  3. Creation of a community of cyclist users.
  4. Identification of the businesses included in the network.
  5. Receiving alerts related to the use of the routes.
  6. Interaction with other Apps.
  7. Other services to be considered.


  1. Thermo Scanner (internet of things device) which allows to: detect body temperature. transfer of data to the NVG network.
  2. RFId technology on totems, which allows the following services: automatic digital entry / exit detection of the cyclist on the CWSS route via peer to peer network (RFId and Near Field Communication (NFC)). transfer of digital to the NVG.

A DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY (DLT), a consortium blockchain, for the development of a sustainable data-driven economy. The blockchain permits the following operations:

  1. Issue an Autonomous Digital Identity (IAD), following the insertion of the cyclist's identification data.
  2. Receive data from the NVG system which functions as an Oracle.
  3. Guarantee the interoperability of the data collected and to be transmitted to the blockchain.
  4. Tokenization of the paths for user compensation.
  5. Generate a match between 1 path and 1 token (NVG) - stable coin.



A TASK FORCE OF EXPERTS WITH MULTIDISCIPLINARY skills to ensure the innovation and growth of the project within the current regulatory developments coordinated by the European Council for the new European strategy of digital finance Fintech in 2025.

Value Proposition

We offer an innovative approach of mobility and security for individuals commuting from home to the office. Mobile application and an innovative data collection allowing them to reach the workplace physically protected, mitigating the risk of contagion. We expect to support the continuity of work on site, reducing the risk of contagion, through a protected and innovative mobility system.

On leaving the house, the cyclist activates the App which allows them to find a route to go to work by bicycle. Using a peer to peer system, a totem positioned at the entrance detects the cyclist's journey, while a thermal scanner certifies their body temperature. The data is integrated and transferred to the central NVG system. The NVG system operates as a central unit for data collection. We wish to make NVG part of the local control system by territorial institutions.

In addition, the NVG system wants to acquire the role of an oracle for the collection, processing and storage of data within a Blockchain DLT to ensure the transparency, protection and immutability of the data collected, segmenting the information based on the digital identity associated with the user. The totems are positioned along the path to detect access and exit, trace the journey, provide support services (e.g. Info, SOS, Assistance) and, through thermo scanner devices, guarantee the detection of the state of health. The data collected by the NVG system are sent and stored in a DLT (private consortium blockchain) platform for certification and associated with the cyclist through the digital identity.

The aim is to lead the user to the destination by ensuring constant monitoring of the movement, detecting any risk situations, and certifying the healthy person on the move. A subsequent development may include integration with application systems developed on other design platforms to ensure the updating of data on what we want to indicate as "European health patent".

We are focused on a wider perspective of this project supporting ongoing efforts to further development of the macro-prudential European economy. We want to capture the systemic importance of financial instability that could become so widespread that it impairs the functioning of the local financial system, economic growth and welfare. In this context, NVG wants to contribute to see a horizontal perspective where attention is confined to the appropriate interaction between the financial system and the economy, leveraging the interconnectivity between local, regional, European and global communities.

Market Opportunity

We are ambitions though also pragmatic. This project wants to be an incubator of other projects toward to the roadmap.Our main target is a typical individual, member of a family or a community. We imagine the cohesion of the project with the entire local ecosystem to mobilise value and resources. The aim is to develop and test the CVG project in a local area, emerging throughout the collaboration with local authorities, and institutions focusing on the significant proportion of the social economy.

We want to influence social enterprise to operate with us and be part of the community. Social enterprises combine societal goals with an entrepreneurial spirit, environmental or community objectives. In this context, we support the development of a social economic ecosystem with the aim to contribute to the development of an innovative solution to support these enterprises, workers and community to create better opportunities.

We start from the route to commute from home to the working place removing barriers and creating better opportunities to facilitate social progress and human centricity.

Impact Opportunity

COVID19 pandemic is producing negative effects and severe consequences for the economical local stability. Our aim is to support local and regional authorities to increase visibility and awareness of social economy at a regional and local level. We look not only at business continuity but also at the development of social cohesion, environmental protection and security.

PEOPLE AFFECTED There are 2 million social economy enterprises in Europe, representing 10% of all business in the EU. More than 11 million people – approximately 6% of the EU’s employees – work for social economy enterprises. Their main objective is to have a social, societal or environmental impact for the general interest.

THE SOLUTION IMPACT Due to the serious economic and financial crisis caused by COVID19, we believe it is essential that the European Community favours the rebirth of a new identity of the Union. The project therefore looks at a strong impact on the local economy, seizing the opportunity dictated by new technologies, while maintaining social value at the centre of innovation. In the future of the project, we foresee the birth of a widespread digital and token economy with commercial services directly connected to the NVG network. We wish to make NVG part of the local control system by territorial institutions.

Innovation and Digital

CVG wants to be part of the human-driven data economy revolution where data is captured, monitored and used fairly and ethically in a human-oriented manner. Our main objective is to create a method for data exchange for social needs and use, ensuring that data and its management belong to the user and data owner.

Today this is possible and we trust that it can be part of this sustainable innovation in conjunction with appropriate development of the European Regulation. We want to support and be supported by the European Authorities to this important goal for our civilisation and its sustainable growth.

Our goal is to establish this project, developing and testing the technical platform co-operating with supervisory authorities. We wish to have important partners in the proof of concept pilots for the appropriate development of the technical specifications and cooperate with key stakeholders with regards to the development of the business model, procedure system and standardization. We hope that our project will be launched by EUvsVirus Hackathon and that it will be the next journey for other responsible innovators.

Team Leaders

ANDREA MONACO Andrea is an experienced professional in Risk Management, Regulation and Fintech. He has worked internationally with extensive experience in consulting, corporate and investment banking. Andrea recently made the momentous decision to move back to Italy after many years abroad. Andrea continues to further his education in the field of Fintech and in Design for Strategic Management at MIT focus in the field of business transformation, digital economy, tokenization and ethics. Andrea.Monaco@hotmail.it Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/monacoandrea

LUCA BATTISTONI Management Consultant in Corporate Strategy and Organization. Expert in planning the Company's Management and Development activities of the International Market, with the aim of organizing “Offsite” operating locations, planning Business Units, running projects and structuring business networks. Professional experiences gained in Europe, Middle East and Asean countries. Expert in planning and drafting of "Feasibility Study and Business Plan". l.battistoni@adv-platform.com Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/luca-battistoni-b0007526

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