I visited many MOOCs to see how they organized the course information.

What it does

The design allows students to create their own master plan based on their interests and career goal. Students can save the plan they created and using compare function to make better decision to get closer to their academic and career goal.

How I built it

Duration: 3 weeks Brainstorm user segments -- Low-fi prototypes -- User Testing 1st round -- Mid-Fi prototypes - User Testing 2nd Round -- High-Fi prototypes

Challenges I ran into

Design Decisions & Challenges - To show the technical requirement, balance user control and error prevention. Design process issue and time limitation. It took me longer time to conduct a well-structured remote user testing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of that the function and animation effects of pre-quiz section. I wasn't sure about if I could have time to finish this part, but I tried to use different softwares to achieve that visual effect.

What's next for Customize Your Master Program | Drexel CCI

Completing the comparing page of different degrees. A lot of possible new features can be added into the site.

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