Most of our team consists of University of Waterloo students who have attended the recent UW Clubs Fair. We were all excited to join clubs and connect with club executives but soon realized that the communications between clubs and students was very disorganized and many clubs used different social media accounts and channels that were difficult to keep track of. So, to resolve this ongoing issue, we decided to create a clubs website.

What it does

Curator, our web application, enables both students and club executives to create accounts and manage their clubs. Students can access their current clubs, past clubs, a clubs calendar, and an explore page to join clubs. Club executives can access a members list, club announcements, events, and a page to add members.

How I built it

We have used html5 and css to develop the website.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge we ran into was figuring out the formatting with HTML. A significant component of all websites is their UI/design but at times, it was difficult to place text side by side and organize the overall look of each website page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team, we are proud of creating an organized and aesthetically appealing clubs explore page and we are proud of the way we split up to work to effectively combine our skills across our streams of business, development, and design.

What I learned

I learned how HTML and CSS work together to create websites and how to use Figma to create a design.

What's next for curator

What's next for Curator is to implement a full club calendar that connects students and club executives and to advertise our website to other universities.

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