We were inspired by the concept of block chain and wanted to create a practical implementation of it that allowed careful and secure tracking of medication to combat overprescription of medication. We believe that a smart contract that can run on the EVM will increase the honesty of the patient, and thoughtfulness of the prescriber.

What it does

It makes the process of distributing and handling opioids secure through the use of smart contracts on the EVM. It also makes sure that users cannot create fake prescriptions or collect the same prescriptions multiple times. All of this while at the same time simplifying the process of getting and fulfilling prescriptions

How We built it

The front end was built in angular featuring material design. The back end was built using flask, solidity, express.

Challenges We ran into

Some challenges that we faced was figuring out the best way of getting output from the blockchain to the front end. We ended up using a python library called ethjsonrpc which allowed us to to call and send transactions to the blockchain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the fact that our team managed to get a full stack application working the utilized the blockchain. It was far from easy, but we cam a very far way.

What I learned

I'm okay with Dev calling me noob for using ethjsonrpc, it is far simpler to use than trying to create bash scripts.

What's next for CryptoPill

Launching a mobile client for the app.

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