Climate change is an ever more prevalent issue. Each year we are reminded that our climate is changing and if we don't act then the effects will be dire. NFTs are a very hot topic right now. A Nonfungible token, NFT, is a token that can not be replaced by something else or there, usually, is not more than one of itself. NFTs can have a file attached to them as well. This is called metadata. There are some other things that can be defined with the metadata. Things such as Health for a character if the NFT is of a character in a video game or different attributes that can be combined with another NFT of the same type to "breed" a new NFT. This is similar to CryptoKitties. People also use NFTs to verify ownership of a unique item. This verification is done via the blockchain. Currently, the hottest type of NFT is Art-based NFT. This is an NFT based on a piece of art. Which chose to use this technology to help bring awareness to the effects of climate change on marine animals.

What it does

We used the blockchain to store data from sensors that collected data about water quality. We did this by using our own custom chainlink oracle to ingest the sensor data API then post the data to the blockchain. Then, we use this sensor data to dynamically create NFTs based on the readings. Using, we are able to have different metadata for each NFT. Things such as age, overall health, location, water temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity. The water quality with the better readings also had the happier manatee. The goal would be to get a manatee with a health of 10.

How we built it

We built the sensor API using Google Cloud Platform. The Oracle is built using Chainlink and Google Cloud. The smart contract to post the data to the blockchain used Solidity. Then, the NFT generation used Brownie, this is a combination of Python and Solidity. Finally, the frontend was made using React.

Sensors used for the hardware setup

  • esp32
  • TDS sensor
  • pH sensor
  • turbidity sensor
  • analog waterproof temperature probe
  • dht11
  • water level sensor

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge is that there isn't a lot of documentation surrounding the frameworks that use the blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we got the oracle to work and send our data to a testnet.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to use Chainlink, Chainlink Oracles, and how to make NFTs.

Sample NFT CrypoManatees generated using collected data

What's next for CryptoManatees

  • An AR/VR version of cryptomanatees
  • Introduce other aquatic animals
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