We built Crumbs off the idea that thoughts and memories are intimately linked to the physical places in which they occur. Crumbs will help facilitate the recollection and enjoyment of memories by creating a lasting link between thought and place.

What it does

We created Crumbs to allow users to better tie their thoughts and feelings to specific places. Our app lets users anonymously drop “crumbs” -- messages, images, GIFs, or polls -- that are only visible to other users who enter within a 50 meter radius of where the crumb is dropped.

How we built it

Crumbs is a Meteor.js hybrid mobile application. We built a significant portion of the UI/UX from bare bones components, including icons and transitions.

Challenges we ran into

The many frustrations in porting a hybrid application to mobile, including rendering speeds, bulkiness, the need to recreate transitions and user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a beautiful end product!

What we learned

It's difficult to find balance between richness and variety of features, so it's important that you stay focused when moving forward in creating your product.

What's next for Crumbs

Further building on the diversity of ways in which users can interact with crumbs, including exploring additional types of media and interactions. We also see Crumbs potentially being useful for a whole variety of locations-based communications and events, such as puzzle hunts, anonymous polling, and targeted advertising.

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