We saw our elderly and differently-abled neighbors fearing and struggling to go out to buy essential medicines and groceries. We had to help them out. We thought about similar people who would struggle to meet their needs when many e-commerce shops slowed down their service due to massive backlogging. So to help the them, we thought of developing a website. Our mentors Dr.Ranjani Parthasarathi mam and Dr.Bama S mam were in favor of our idea, and supported us by all means in implementing this idea.

What it does

The website has a hassle free registration for public/elders, then based on their location, nearby shops/pharmacies will be displayed from which user can select the shop and add items to their cart (upload google assistant/Alexa list) and proceed to place order, and make payment via a variety of payment options and choose desirable time of delivery. Order details will be sent to the shopkeeper (who can accept or reschedule the order), then on acceptance of order by shopkeeper, the volunteer will be notified about location of shop and customer. The volunteer then picks up the readymade packet and delivers it to the customer.

How we built it

We are building it using:- The front end of the web application will be developed using HTML5,CSS,Javascript and Bootstrap.We will use node js to develop the backend of the mobile application as it is asynchronous and event driven and we plan use SQL for database.We aim to use geolocation API to capture user’s location,to track delivery personnel’s location as they move, to show nearby locations and geocoder api to convert text address to map points,geofencing API to prevent volunteers from misusing this opportunity to visit places other than places where delivery is required.We use twilio to provide message notification.We will use google analytics to analyse traffic and apache flink to provide real time analytics.We plan to use various payment methodologies. We also aim at facilitating speech to text input using google cloud's speech to text API to provide ease of use for the senior citizens.

Challenges I may run into

Reaching out to many people to use this application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning a new skill and mastering it.

What I will learn

I will application development and essence of team work. I will gain the experience of participating in the global hackathon.

What's next for Cowin-19 Shopper-REACH US TO REACH YOU WITH ESSENTIALS!

Straight up development and implementation.

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