Do you have a blog or site based in WordPress (the most popular platform in the World) and want to help to spread information related to the pandemic to your visitors without too much trouble? Me too! So let's do this once and reuse.

The Problem(s)

  1. How can we federate reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic in many websites targeting different audiences?

  2. How can site administrators or bloggers collaborate with the fight of the pandemic through their web sites without disruption?

The Solution

COVIDPress, a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers and site maintainers spread current and valid information related to COVID-19 to their visitors, aggregated directly from EU-OpenData sources

What was accomplished during the Hackaton's weekend?

  1. We validated the idea with bloggers participating in the Hackaton, for example Jan Černý of Information Ninja

  2. We developed a functional version of the plugin and published on GitHub

  3. We put the plugin in a Live website as demo. You can check it our here

  4. We discussed possible integrations with other solutions that are coming from the Hackaton, for example ENEA_1PlanetHealth

Impact of the Solution

As now, it can be used and deployed in many websites, leveraging the power of community and federation of information for trustable sources. This helps in the fight of the virus and the misinformation (Fake News)

What we need to continue the Project?

The project is Free/Open Source Software, is not intended as a commercial solution. However, it can be sustainable through the effort of a Community and through several ways of funding. One for example can be as traffic generator of .EU portals that can contribute some funds to the development of the plugin.

Value after the crisis?

This can be used in any other crisis or even as web complement to EU-Alerts, and help inform multiple visitors of many sites about emergency situations and recommendations.

URL of the Project and Live Demo

Official Repository in GitHub

Live test

How to use it?

  1. Download the latest zip release from here
  2. Go to your WP-Admin > Plugins page, and install uploading the ZIP
  3. Activate the plugin on WP-Admin > Plugins, adjust options under WP-Admin > Settings > COVIDPress

Who should use it?

Any WordPress administrator (Blogger, Site Administrator) that want to display COVID-19 valid information to their visitors. This don't require any modification to your themes, post or pages, or any technical know-how to implement. Let's spread real information about COVID-19!

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posted an update

First version of the plugin is up in the repository. It install, display a simple footer element, pulls data from euodp DataSource and display the results in the element.

Still need to add the DataSource for News Headlines, Add Admin Options and Improve the visuals

Still need a logo.

Still need localization.

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