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The current sanitary emergency related to COVID-19 opened many different challenges with several impacts on the Society. Apart from the immediate relations with human health and medical approaches, the COVID-crisis is related to the economy and business, the environment (climate included), agrifood production, new materials, political cohesion and decision making, education, social organisation and city management, employment, and so on. For all these aspects, several discussions are ongoing and the debate is open on topics related to the infection and transmission sources, morbidity and mortality, immune-response, risk of contamination from several sources and risk of translocation from a matrix to another one, cross-reaction with environmental contaminants, technological solutions for decontamination/sanitisation, ICT systems for the e-management of the crisis itself, data sharing and integration, smart-working or e-learning, etc. For all these topics, the discussion is open, studies are ongoing and several information are used as a basis for decision-making or for communicating the Coronavirus and its implications to the Society. Information and mis-/mal-/dis-information represent a very critical point, with huge relapses on every aspect of the crisis management, from the Society, to the economy. The solution we propose is an ICT platform aimed and collecting, examining, processing and classifying all the news and information related to COVID-19, to be checked for their consistency and reliability with an assigned level of confidence. The system will enable: i) the collection of all the COVID-related information, news and publications (including official information, research findings, risk assessment and monitoring results); ii) their classification for different criteria (e.g. topics and sub-topics, type, source, target, etc.); iii) the evaluation of the background, source, supportive data/demonstrators; iv) the assignment of a scoring based on an algorithm considering various criteria; v) finally, the classification under three main categories. The categorisation will allow to identify: a) Reliable, mature information with a high confidence level b) Reliable information requiring a further consolidation step (e.g. mid- or long-term studies) c) Fake news The scoring will be based on transparent criteria with a weighing system and everything will be implemented via public institution in order to ensure integrity, transparency and impartiality. An Artificial Intelligence system can classify existing content by applying Natural Language Processing techniques and can automatically be applied to respond to new findings and research evolution. The platform will include: • a tagged pool of textual content used for the training of AI system • a topic pool app, where the relevant topics can be stored and eventually selected, even including links with existing libraries • a data and information search app consisting of two catalogues and a search & compare app, where data and information sources can be searched and browsed. The first catalogue will contain different datasets and descriptions about the content and purpose, the second one descriptions and references to different documents (studies, publications, lab reports); the app, containing several datasets, will be available for searching and comparing data records. The platform will be accessible on the web or via a specified app, offering a service to different users (policy makers at local, national, regional, EU, level; researchers; producers; citizens). A user registration system will be implemented with the collection of some general information on users for a profiling and a customer satisfaction index so as to evaluate the service. The platform will be developed with the support of a communication team, which will allow to properly promote and transfer all the information about the system and service themselves, as well as to implement in the system suitable communication tools about the new findings, results of the evaluations, etc. A business model will be developed in order to demonstrate with quantitative KPIs the impact on the economy, policy definition and the society and verify along time how the increasing of reliable information and their proper communication will positively impact in the short-, medium- and long-term.

1PLANETHEALTH: an instrument of knowledge to support factual and reliable information

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