[WIP] TODO: Analyze the data collected using clustering and other techniques.


Due to the unavailability of testing kits, a lot of COVID-19 cases are not visible to the public, and the reports only give the approximate location like the city/town name. If a system in place which allows suspects/ positive cases to report their locations and travel history, then others who can view, who came in contact with the person, can also take necessary isolation methods, knowing that he/she contacted a COVID-19 suspect.

What it does

Tracks the suspected person's travel history, others can view visually the data of the suspected person from the ALL page on top left.

How I built it

Using Javascript, HTML, Open Street Maps.

Challenges I ran into

Getting a solid map viewing framework. Tried google maps API, but required credit card info. OSM is the option I chose as it is opensource and I think it is better than other options.

What's next for COVID-19-tracker

Scale it for a large usage

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