duotel EPCAS

COVID-19 Epidemic prevention and control auxiliary system

Hey, this is China Peking Duotel AIoT Technology Co., Ltd. We are an AIoT company from Microsoft for Startups in Beijing China. Since 2017, we`ve provided lots of service to our clients, Since the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, we want to find a mature way to assist epidemic control, so we launched our Epidemic prevention and control auxiliary system, EPCAS for COVID-19. We have already deployed this system in China, and it has played an important role in the prevention and control of some communities in residential area, during this epidemic.

You know China is doing well in epidemic control, the key reason of this is, home isolation and individual tracking. We are really offering a total solution for those 2 measures. Our supply chain is very reliable, and we can achieve this in a wild range and a low cost, as you can see in the screen.

Our system is based on this smart card, which is enbeded with GPS and China`s Beidou satellites system, 10 meters accuracy in positioning. And the smart card can record over 2000 times door open or close, in a very long time of endurance. With this, for home isolation, we can offer functions like, statistics of leaving or coming home, abnormal alert ,and Smart cards heat map.

Besides, our smart card has a Health ID Card mode. It will report individual`s position, and accurately track the movements of patients to identify direct contacts and buildings that may need to be disinfected. And, if a suspected person surpass our Electronic Enclosure, an alert will be sent to the manager.We`ve also got a SOS button, just one click, our EPCAS platform will notice the allocated hospital.


  • Size / weight: 100×60×6mm / 40g
  • Charging mode: Micro USB
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • OS: RTOS
  • Communication protocol: CoAP
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure

Home Isolation Usage mode / Features

  • NB-IoT communications technology
  • 150 days in energy saving mode
  • 2,000 door open/close records can be recorded in once full charge mode
  • SOS one click notification emergency contact
  • GPS / Beidou satellites 10 meters accuracy positioning
  • Cell-ID / Wi-Fi positioning assistant
  • Significant movement / prolonged rest intelligent perception
  • Installation: 3M Paste on door close mode

Health ID Card Usage mode / Electronic Enclosure

  • Key monitoring public area / building electronic enclosure access
  • SOS one click notification emergency contact
  • Carry-on for intelligent perceptive contact
  • Installation: Wearable

Built With

  • coap
  • gps
  • nb-iot
  • rtos
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