As we are again experiencing a surge in covid-19 cases it becomes vital for us to remember precautions so that together we can defeat covid-19. Covid-19 has caused a lot of devastation in the past few years! We don’t want to repeat that mistakes! Do we? According to reports, nearly 66% of people around the globe are not taking enough precautions against covid-19.

Therefore, we have built a website named CoVictory which means together we can achieve Victory over Covid-19. This website is a Memory game that will check and improve your memory and along with that, you will learn all the precautions to fight with covid-19. Together we win, we survive!

What it does

This website sharpens your memory and reminds the basic precautions that should be taken against the rise in covid-19. Our website offers four different modes to challenge your memory skills.

-> Easy mode No. of attempts – 20 Time – 50s

->Medium mode No. of attempts – 16 Time – 40s

->Hard mode No. of attempts – 8 Time – 25s

->Do not try (Special mode) No. of attempts – 1 Time - infinite

How we built it

• The frontend is built with Tailwind, Html5, Css3 • Backend is built using Vanilla JavaScript. • We managed our code using Git, GitHub • All images are made using Adobe-Illustrator and Adobe-Premier Pro

Challenges we ran into

• The main obstacle we faced was implementing the flipping effect of the cards. • The image on the cards were taking a lot of time to load. So, we came up with a solution to resize the resolution of images. • We faced difficulties in making the website responsive thoroughly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our greatest accomplishment was to implement the knowledge that we have learned from past MLH hackathons and build a fun website.

What we learned

• As our vanilla JavaScript skills were a bit rusty but by building this project, we were able to sharpen/polish our skills. • By taking part in MLH hackathons we were able to learn how to work in a team.

What's next for CoVictory

• Further we are thinking to make a play again button to improve the user experience. • We are also thinking to implement dark and light mode. • We are also thinking to add different themes on the social cause to provide knowledge to the user.

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