Cosmic Cards

Who are we?

We are Benjamin Holmes, Peter Marsh, Tessa Conway and Alessandra Paglialonga, and we have decided to build Cosmic Cards.

What did we set out to achieve?

When we started out our aim was to create a feedback system where answers were easy, fun, and most of all quick. We wanted our answers to be colourful, engaging, and allow for flexibility of answers while still being simple to use. Interestingly, even though we were brainstorming for a technological feedback solution, we really felt that a tactile system would be the most engaging for children.

What did we produce?

Cosmic cards provides physical, pictorial answers to a given set of questions. For each question there are a set of cards for the children to pick from; these cards can be specific to a question (like our working example with different entertainment options) or more generic responses (for example a range of smiley/less smiley faces). Once the child has picked a card, or ordered a set of cards from favourite to least-favourite, they or their parent can take a photo of the cosmic cards, and image recognition will be used to determine their answer and record that response.

Our hackathon submission today shows a simple, working proof of concept with one question and one set of response cards. Our vision is extending Cosmic Cards to include blank cards with just a QR code so children can draw their own responses, turning the art of feedback into more of a creative activity.

It is our hope that Cosmic cards will provide a novel way of gathering useful, informative feedback, that still feels more like a game than a chore.

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