There is significant global media attention on the spread of Coronavirus, which has led to justifiable consumer concern about the risks from COVID-19 and an ** Infodemic**. Fears about the risks from this outbreak, and the scale of the public health challenge, have resulted in a significant increase in people seeking information about what to do to protect and prevent the virus. Consumers are searching online sources for guidance on what they should do. However, not all information is based on sound science. The information void has led to the occurrence of misinformation, misperceptions, and myths propagated by sources that lack the credibility to provide authoritative comment. Despite the consensus amongst the medical community that there exists no cure for COVID-19, self-proclaimed experts and pundits across a variety of social channels are pervasive and are perpetuating ways to protect against or cure the virus. Everything from consuming bleach or antibacterial liquids in small doses to fearmongering is becoming commonplace. The misinformation, misperceptions, and myths have the potential to lead to harmful public health outcomes and significantly limit the adoption of evidence-based prevention measures as advised by leading public health experts.

What it does

The aim of CoronaTalks is to provide accurate and credible information to counter myths. It's a Complete website where you get to know all you should know about Coronaviruses (CoV). I also Provided some courses link that is given by WHO itself for our own awareness. It is It will provide the exact statistical analysis of current corona cases in your country according to your IP location and Main part Ths website support a Covid-19 Chatbot which a trained model to answer all our queries regarding COVID-19 for e.g. can coronaviruses be transmitted from person to person?, Is there a treatment for a novel coronavirus or is there any home remedies?

How I built it

Use Rapid API to fetch COVID stats across the globe Use Python web framework Flask to build a bot to discuss queries regarding COVID Use IP Address of user to automatically fetch data of that country.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Honestly, see the challenges section. I did not realize how hard this project would be, but I learned a lot about chatbot and I'm proud of creating this of a noble cause.

What I learned

  1. How you teach your machine what you want from them?
  2. Most importantly I learn how to complete your derived project on time.
  3. Integrate your thoughts and come out with something meaningful.

What's next for CoronaTalks

Firstly, I'll deploy this website. Then:

  1. I will add more links to it 2.Adding more features to it
  2. I really wish to complete health bot one day rather than just a COVID bot
  3. try to collaborate with other people so that my project will get a wide perspective. :)
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