As the number of coronavirus cases and death rate increase, people are struggling to gain up to date information on local effects of coronavirus. The news does not accurately show the severity of the issue based on the specific location of the viewer, but rather focuses on general updates about the overall situation. This can falsely lead individuals into believing the situation is not as serious, and treat it as so by ignoring orders placed for our safety. To ensure that everyone has easy access to local information about the virus, we have created CoronAlert, a prototype of an iOS application which will allow people to stay updated on the spread of coronavirus in their individual states and counties. We believe this application will increase community engagement as individuals stay more informed, educate themselves, and get involved during this pandemic.

What it does

CoronAlert is a prototype of an iOS application that updates the user with notifications about the newly updated data. The user can see daily updates such as the number of deaths occurring on that day, and overall updates on the total number of cases and deaths. At the bottom, we have provided a graph on the total number of cases to help the user easily visualize and interpret the data.

How we built it

We used Adobe XD to create the prototype of the application. For our logos and graphics, we used Adobe Illustrator. To gather information about the cases and number of deaths in individual states and counties, we used the CDC website, state government websites and the World Health Organization. In order to keep this information continuously updated we used an API to get the data from these trusted sources. To keep users updated, we created push notifications for IOS devices using the UIKit and UserNotification libraries in the Swift.

Challenges we ran into

Before this hackathon, we did not know how to use an API and how to code for notifications, but through helpful resources, such workshops, and YouTube links we learned essential skills used to implement these features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the UI/UX design of the overall application because it allows the user to gain up to date information in the most effective way possible. We are also very proud of the technical skills we gained through this process by learning how to implement more features than initially planned

What we learned

We learned how to create an effective user interface to allow the user to gain the best experience while using the application.

What's next for CoronAlert

In the future, we want to target how coronavirus is affecting individual cities to make the information more localized to the viewers. This was our initial goal, seeing as our main objective was to make the information our app provides as localized as possible. However, since information on the virus is not consistently updated in many cities, we adjusted our idea to focus on counties as we know that this information is accurate and updated. In the future, we would like to work with local hospitals in order to help keep their records updated so that we can keep members of the community well informed and prepared.

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