The idea is to develop an application using Google Geo API to track the whereabouts of everyone’s location every few minutes and maintain this data for the last 14 days. I believe Google already tracks everyone's location if the location is turned on, on the mobile phones. I am not sure what Google’s policy is as far as getting permission to access this data, I know they do sell this. Now once a person discovers that they are infected with Coronavirus, a confirm button on the app can be clicked. The app then searches all the locations this person has been for the last 14 days and notifies others who have come to close proximity. Depending on the accuracy of the Geo location data we can detect anyone who has come to within 10 feet of the infected person. The app will then send an alert to those that were within close proximity and trigger the app on the recipient's mobile device. The app then searches the locations of where the second person has been and if others were within 10 feet proximity. If yes the app will then send an alert to those who were in his/her proximity since 14 days ago. The app keeps doing this recursively until everyone that comes close is traced.

Now, if we had some additional health data we can develop a model using conditional probability and assign a score to the secondary and ternary tiers indicating the severity of their exposure and we have to address HIPAA somehow as well.

I have experience in C# and windows and Microsoft phones (Damn it’s obsolete!) but less in Apple and Android development. I have been reading about the Google Geolocation but I need more time to learn this and I also need a development environment.

I have found VMs that can be downloaded from Oracle with Eclipse development environment and then they can be converted for use for Android developments.

If anyone has experience in what I have described, I would appreciate some pointers.

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