Our inspiration was to find a whole new genre for mobile game industry and get individuals who don't play to start playing. We found out that there's a whole group of 20-65 years olds who find mobile games unproductive and a waste of their time. They do have some daily routines - like cooking, which we'll make more fun for them. We decided to make a productive game out of it, you can improve your real life cooking skill or challenge other people.

How does it work?

Choose your level, choose a recipe and start a single mode or challenge mode game.

Single mode - read the recipe and with step by step instructions in augmented reality (for an example it can show you a proper way how to chop vegetables) get closer to your perfect meal. After every step, you show your progress to the app with a picture and earn points. Points are assigned based on time result and grading from our artificial intelligence which knows how good or bad cooking looks like.

Challenge mode - read the recipe and after every step show the progress to the app and see how your competitor is doing. When you are finished you get points based on your time and AI grading, based on those points a winner is chosen.

There is a possibility to connect with your friends so they can see your made meals, points and comment on them. Have you tried every available recipe? You can unlock more recipes with coins you get after completing a challenge or you could buy the coins.

How we would build it

It would be a game for both Android and IOS with AR and AI technologies. AI would use machine learning to develop a sense if a picture of a meal looks good or bad, so with more users and pictures game would become better and better.

Marketing possibilities

People love the exclusive feeling! We would plant 1000 kitchen utensils all around the world with a QR code on them. When the app is uploaded to the stores for the first time it would show the map with objects coordinates on them. First 1000 people that found objects would get access to the game using the QR code, and then they could give that object to a friend so they can also access it and so on. After a certain period of time (a month or so), when enough hype was made about the game, it would become publicly available.

What's next for CookOff

This is not a one-time play game. You can play it for an infinitive period of time and we will make sure that it never becomes boring. Recipes are going to be constantly added by us but users with a certain amount of good finished meals can upload their recipes and then the community can vote on which should actually be made into a game.

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