We all know the struggles during the first days/weeks in a foreign country when we are trying to figure out if we are about to make a good deal or being ripped off. With Convert it we are presenting a simple and easy to use an augmented reality app to convert price tags just by pointing your camera on it, into any currency which makes sense to you. The app was built in android studio, using Google's mobile vision for image recognition and an open exchange rates api to convert currencies. The biggest challenge was understanding how both apis are working and combining them in order to track and convert currencies simultaneously. The biggest accomplishment was probably creating a fairly functional app within 48hrs. As a team of people with interdisciplinary background we believe that all group members enriched their experience either with new programming or design/UX skills. Next steps are probably a hell of a lot bug fixing, finishing the design details and getting it ready to download for google play. Further we were thinking to implement Tensor Flow to recognize and interpret price tags more efficiently.

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