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The problem today as I see it is that a lot of restaurant and coffee shops (at least in my town) that usually don't use social media as facebook or instagram can't reach out to the customers with their menus and information about take-away and/or deliveries. In my town people are asking every day at facebook groups "Which restaurants has take-away now" or "Which restaurants have deliveries now?"

Idea is to take the menu description or information and images from already existing webpage of the restaurant or coffee shop and put it in the app. So some kind of get/update method (once per day) is needed.

The user can use Google maps to search for the restaurant based on location, cause it's already there (so geolocation is needed here).

A reservation button is needed on every menu for take-away, so that the customer don't collide with another customer while ordering.

A calculator next to the menu description is needed that gives the information of how many dishes is left in the restaurant.

The payments can be proceed with Swish (in Sweden), in other countries can other methods be used such as Paypal or other local payment methods.

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