Very similar to the Karma app, but in this app All local restaurants are visible if they offer take-away or delivery.

What it does

In this days our local restaurant only upload on their websites that they have Delivery or take-away. Since they are so many, accordingly 500 in my town, the user cannot go to every webpage to see the menu. So it would be easier for the user to see the offer by the distance or by the name of the restaurant in the app. (Here we can use Google maps to find closest restaurants). The User can see which restaurants exist in the map, click on the Restaurant and then see the menu with an image, description and prize ( Information can we get from restaurants webpage, if they don't have the restaurant owner can upload image and add text to it). When user have made their choice then he/she can click on the button for "reservation" so that the user can pick it up before somebody else does it. The restaurant should also add amount of each dish ( Need some kind of counter here). The user should choose to search by the map or by the name of the restaurant in the search field.

How I built it

I believe java skills are needed and github. I have made some sketches and uploaded, feel free to review them.

Challenges I ran into

I need an app-developer and I can colaborate with an UX/UI too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Connect local restaurants with users based on the user loc

All images are from page.

Built With

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posted an update

The problem today as I see it is that a lot of restaurant and coffee shops (at least in my town) that usually don't use social media as facebook or instagram can't reach out to the customers with their menus and information about take-away and/or deliveries. In my town people are asking every day at facebook groups "Which restaurants has take-away now" or "Which restaurants have deliveries now?"

Idea is to take the menu description or information and images from already existing webpage of the restaurant or coffee shop and put it in the app. So some kind of get/update method (once per day) is needed.

The user can use Google maps to search for the restaurant based on location, cause it's already there (so geolocation is needed here).

A reservation button is needed on every menu for take-away, so that the customer don't collide with another customer while ordering.

A calculator next to the menu description is needed that gives the information of how many dishes is left in the restaurant.

The payments can be proceed with Swish (in Sweden), in other countries can other methods be used such as Paypal or other local payment methods.

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