Inspiration: The project titles "Community Force" goal was to develop a complaint mechanism system suitable for using by citizen of Pakistan. This app strengthen the community to raise their voice if anyone see the wrong thing happen around or their own self.

How it works: it is a very user friendly interface which facilitate the citizen to use the app efficiently. there are 3 Major option to complaint.

SMS Reporting Voice Reporting Image Reporting

User report through their android app and manage their through web and android

The main advantage of online application is that, a person can report the complaint any time from anywhere. Users can view the


progress of their complaint online. For using this app user have to sign up first.

Features of the application:

  • User sign up the form
  • Authentication of user account by cell phone number
  • Cluster map for showing the density of crime category wise
  • Upload voice evidence
  • Admin portal
  • Filtering the crime/complaints category wise
  • History of users
  • Status of the crime the user reported
  • Tips for the self security of citizen
  • Dashboard for User
    • User Information( login details)
    • Your information
    • Total reports
    • Nearest Police station
    • SMS reports
    • Voice reports
    • Image reports
    • Report tracking
    • security Tips
  • Dashboard for Admin
    • Police Admin rights to the Police stations
    • Complaint status and response the pending complaints
    • cluster map of the complaints.
    • category wise bar chart reports.
    • edit/delete/update the author and user profiles.
    • posted the security tips which can automatically view from the user.
    • view the history of user logins/author logins/enable to sign out any user or author through super admin.
  • Author Admin Dashboard
    • view the reports of user and take actions through status.
    • finished the complaint status.
    • view the cluster map of the user
    • view the user information.


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