Our inspiration is our family abroad. They work very hard every day away from home in order to sustain or support our needs. We know it is very lonely away from your country where you cannot speak your mother language.

What it does

It connects OFWs and Christians back home in the Philippines. This relationship/connection helps OFWs to foster and keep Christian values and to have a coach which will give sound advice when experiencing the challenges of working abroad.

How we built it

First we create a prototype and gather ideas/information that helps us to provide a better solutions to the problem. We create a node web server and connect it to MongoDB database. We created an ionic/angular application which we deploy in iOS and android. We create two applications that serves the users.

Challenges we ran into

Time and sleep/energy. We are out of time and still manage to make the best of it. We are sleepy and did not get enough sleep but we manage to give our effort.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Working together and sharing idea is already an accomplishments for us. We're proud that we're using God given talents to glorify him.

What we learned

We learned how to setup web server using node js and connect a frontend application using socket.IO. We learn how to work with each other. I am a developer and he is a designer. We make a collaboration to create an application.

What's next for Commune

Fixing errors and other features. Deploy it to Android and IOS and encourage OFWs to use it in communicating with others and seeking spiritual guidance from Pastors/Coaches/Spiritual Advisers.

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