Diversity and inclusion is a very vast subject that doesn't touch only our society but all the world where we live in.Because if we take a look back , before being men or women , Algerian or Japanese, black or white... we are first of all humans.But we remain asking this question:can people accept this idea? or is it really easy to change the perspectives of people that were raised in a biased environment ? therefore we thought we should handle this problem from its root.Here where the education role begins.

What it does

COLOR STEPS gathers education specialists and teachers from different academic backgrounds with gradeschoolers who are finding issues to deal with the outside world society because of either their intellectual difference or how they look like to other people. Thus COLOR STEPS encourages teachers to keep updating their gradeschoolers with educational activities and cultural exercises to help this category connect with each other despite their differences, also to reduce their mental biaises, so they can be the foundation of a better diverse and inclusive society for tomorrow.

How we built it

For the logo design we counted on the power of Adobe Photoshop to make a professional one, whereas for the web site and precisely for the Backend development we used Javascript and Node.js, also for the database management we used MongoDB, and Finally for the Frontend part as always we worked on that using html, css3 and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't easily find tests, educational activities delivered from teachers on the net that aim to empower their purposefulness in joining the society they are living with, also we found out that the parents might not easily accept the idea that their children need to be connected to the internet the whole time so they can access our platform since those parents weren't raised in the era of technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact of being one of the elements that contributed in promoting Diversity and Inclusion in our society was really a privilege and a big honor to peruse during this distinctive technological ceremony, because we believe that we can make our world better place to live in, but in order to achieve that we want everyone to be included.

What we learned

We learned that exchanging ideas objectively, and working with people that we didn't know before is a must that anyone who has an enthusiasm to tech should experience during his journey in this field, also participating in tech and competitions and hackathons such GDG DevFest are also a necessary asset that any developer should try in order to improve his communication skills, his programming level and have a good vision about how managing financial projects with the implementation of information technology could be.

What's next for COLOR STEPS

Once our project is finished we will start spreading out our idea until it gets to charity organizations and associations that can help us communicate with school and convince them to try getting advantage with our project's main idea also these associations can help use connect with professionals that are qualified to enhance the games and challenges we have and make them more inclusive to optimize our children's academic experience and make the virtual environment more suitable for this category for eternity.

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