posted an update

Today was an amazing day. Our team worked on various features to refine the search and filter experience. Search results are a lot better than in the initial release and it is much easier to understand what colors are being searched for in the catalog. Thanks to user feedback we realized we had to improve the way our filter toggle buttons worked, so we redesigned that whole section - it's a lot better now. We've also designed a new icon for our app and are releasing version 1.0.6 to testers. A new demo video has been uploaded to DevPost and a final version of the demo video is in the making right now. We are practically ready for the hackathon submission.

Working with the Color Match team is an amazing experience. We started off as a group of strangers and now we are real friends. It's a gift. I would like to thank our amazing team for bringing their best effort and talent into this project and making it a reality. You are great people.

If you'd like to test the app, please email me at and I'll add you to the tester group.

Cheers, Tailor

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