In recent years, the camera has risen as the main input in mobile apps, replacing text. Snapchat, Google Lens, Pinterest, AliExpress, and eBay are examples of this, realizing that users are interested in new forms of interaction with the digital world through their mobiles. Snap, no need to type! Let AI do the work on your behalf.

What it Does

Color Match allows you to snap a picture of any room or space and easily provides you with relevant product results that match the color scheme of your space.

Color Match attaches your favorite product results to the picture, which are saved in your profile for later viewing and editing.

How We Built It

The Tchibo Color Match App was built using Java Spring, the Google Vision API & Firebase for the backend, and Flutter for the mobile app. Our team has been using Zoom, Slack, Trello, Google Drive and Github for easy and agile project management.

Challenges We Ran Into

Dealing with color and color theory can be a bit tricky. Initially, we had to research the matter and interview several designers in order to get a good direction for our matchmaking API.

Building a crude prototype to test our initial color API gave us a good indication that we were on the right path, and we excitedly moved deeper into the development of both the backend and frontend of the mobile app.

Collaborating with team members over different time zones, sometimes facing language barriers, can be challenging. We had to utilize lots of dynamic documentation and presentations in order to make our communication with each other clear and fluid.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

As a team, we are proud of and amazed at the collaborative efforts and abilities of our virtual work during these unusual times. Effective communication with other team members (through our “daily scrums” and online team meetings), and overall good organization and assignment of tasks helped ensure we stayed on top of our workflow in the development of this app.

What We Learned

We gained knowledge of what add-on services we could build in the future to increase significance of user results.

Technically, we each improved our existing skills and acquired new ones. Andrew, for example, our team's junior Flutter dev whose previous experience was typing code from video tutorials, pushed himself into writing his own code and solving real-life problems with the support of our team. He will actually be releasing his first package on soon!

We ran into many technical issues and learned that sometimes problems can be solved by talking to non-technical team members or junior team members without much prior knowledge by promoting creativity and open teamwork. Team support is significant. We solved challenging issues together.

Running a daily-scrum channel on Slack where team members share their progress, challenges, and working solutions to these is a MUST in a remote team setting. Do it!

What's Next for Color Match

In this hackathon, we focused on the most basic user journey - snap, get product results, filter and save. Playing with the app has given us many new ideas about how this concept can evolve. We plan to continue experimenting after the hackathon and incorporating more ideas according to user feedback.

We believe the concept of visual search is going to become the leading category in mobile app development, especially as we shift further into the 5G and Augmented Reality era. We are excited about further exploring the development of added value services within the visual search paradigm.

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posted an update

Color Match 1.1.4 is on Google Play for public testing

Join the testing program on Android: on the web:

If it's not available in your country, drop me a line at

We updated Flutter to 2.2 and solved a critical bug we had with the camera module not working after returning from the saved searches section

Cheers, Tailor

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posted an update

Final submission uploaded by the Color Match team - Color Match version 1.0.8

Our final release has the following functionality:

  • Snap a picture of your space
  • Get matching product results from our AI backed API
  • Filter the results by color and price range
  • Favorite the products that best match your space and needs
  • Items are saved along with the snapped picture in your user profile

Please feel free to contact me via mail to join our testers group and you will keep getting more updates and they are developed.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this hackathon, including but not limited to the Tchibo team, other developers who have taken place, all of the subject matter experts that have given us good advice about the product and the UX, our testers and whoever has followed us and given us more energy to push forward.

This has been a truly fun hackathon and we hope you enjoy our product. We are already exploring ideas for taking it to market.

On behalf of Mika, Michel, Gebriel, Robin, Andrew, Probuse and myself, thanks and we hope you enjoy Color Matching.

Cheers, Tailor VJ

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posted an update

Today was an amazing day. Our team worked on various features to refine the search and filter experience. Search results are a lot better than in the initial release and it is much easier to understand what colors are being searched for in the catalog. Thanks to user feedback we realized we had to improve the way our filter toggle buttons worked, so we redesigned that whole section - it's a lot better now. We've also designed a new icon for our app and are releasing version 1.0.6 to testers. A new demo video has been uploaded to DevPost and a final version of the demo video is in the making right now. We are practically ready for the hackathon submission.

Working with the Color Match team is an amazing experience. We started off as a group of strangers and now we are real friends. It's a gift. I would like to thank our amazing team for bringing their best effort and talent into this project and making it a reality. You are great people.

If you'd like to test the app, please email me at and I'll add you to the tester group.

Cheers, Tailor

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posted an update

As we are getting closer to the hackathon's final date of submission, today Robin has published an almost final version of our product demo video. You can watch it at the top of the page. This is so exciting.

Please drop me a line at if you'd like to join our testing group. Just let me know whether you're on Android or iPhone.

We are already testing the first app release with users, implementing various improvements to the UX and search results, and pushing hard to integrate the user profile section into our next release. Happy weekend and Cheers!!!

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posted an update


We have just published our first working mobile app version for testing and feedback purposes. YA!!!!

We are currently working on the final stages of our app. New features coming soon!

Please email if you are interested in installing our first prototype!!!! Dont miss out on being our first users!

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posted an update

Check this out! We have officially opened the Color Match testing program. Test our latest features on your phone and get updates as new features come out on a daily basis. Please send an email to and let me know whether you are on Android or iPhone.

Cheers, Tailor

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posted an update

We are working hard on our mobile app release and really can't wait to put it in the hands of users and get your feedback. Meanwhile, I've updated the texts for our hackathon submission to actually provide some useful information about Color Match.

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posted an update

Our team is hacking non stop on the first prototype. We have been hard at work designing, testing and developing both backend and mobile code. So far so good. I hope we will be able to start testing a working app prototype this weekend.

Our stack is Java Spring running on Google Cloud and a Flutter mobile app connected to a Firebase backend. I find this stack to be super effective and it has allowed us to move very quickly from visual mockups to actual working code. Firebase specifically is such a time saver when it comes to database queries.

Running a virtual team is very interesting, especially because most of us have only met recently thanks to this hackathon, so it's a blessing and we are getting to know each other and having a good time.

More details will be coming soon. Cheers, Tailor VJ

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