• The rapid and exponential spread of the COVID-19 virus. • Inadequate and fact-based data to identify potentially infected individuals who were in contact with verified infected persons • Effective broadcasts of factual and verified information from a certified health and government agencies • A self-assessment protocol for potential infections

What it does

An artificial intelligence-driven mobile application that monitors the spread of the COVID-19 virus and assesses potential causes for spread prevention and treatment. The application maintains added features for access to healthcare providers via alerts, news updates from government-approved sources, purchases for food provisions, medical care alerts, and self-care & quarantine protocols, etc

How we built it

We built this prototype with adobe xd and illustrator to get a clear view of what we need to be developed before diving into actual code.

Challenges we ran into

I think religion, ethnicity, and location. Since in Ghana, not lots of people have smartphones and also better connectivity to the internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Users sign on using a name and phone number and volunteer their profile image, name, email, a pin locator derived address, a residential address, and a national Id number. This is attached to the users' Bluetooth adapter profile as a Bluetooth enabled profile operating over USSD. • Artificial intelligence-based user information logging: Using the Bluetooth adapters of mobile devices, the app scans other devices taking logs of user phone numbers attached to User Devices, and /or volunteered names, addresses, email, phone number and facial photos of all surrounding individuals within the proximity of Bluetooth devices.

What we learned

Getting real-time validated data from sources was the main concern

What's next for Code19

• This solution is offered for locals in rural areas and Africa as a worst-case solution. By using Automated Voice Recordings, users can call into a uniquely selected emergency number. • They are directed to select a language from the audio options. • Then Users are directed to select options which include: a. The option to log a voice recorded complaint regarding a suspected case and have a health care resource person respond. b. Option B: Select to gain preventive measures and tips for safety. c. Option C: Gain the list of emergency numbers

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