CO2 emissions from transportation contributes to 43% of total overall growth in emissions in Canada, making it a critical factor in global warming.

What it does

Our app tracks the distance travelled to calculate the amount of CO2 released. We set the maximum distance considered sustainable as 35km based on our research.

How we built it

We used Android-Studio as our IDE and coded in Java. We also used the GPS technology to keep track of the distance travelled.

Challenges we ran into

Navigating the sdk for Android.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first tangible app ever!!!

What we learned

Person 1: I learned how to use a new IDE and how to design using the layout. I also learned the basics of using git commands / github. Person 2: I learned about services inside of Android and how they operate within the os.

What's next for (CO2)unter

We want to make the app more accurate in calculating the amount of CO2 released by providing the option to specify the number of passengers in the vehicle, as well as possibly including fuel efficiency for each vehicle. We are also looking into incorporating a reward system to give users incentives to limit their driving or a community circle where you can add friends to see each others' stats. Given a sponsor, we could also implement a way to give back to a community by planting trees based on how much people saved/

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