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As students, we spend a lot of time commuting across UW's beautiful campus. Unfortunately, between balancing homework, schoolwork, midterms, finals, and even work, it's nearly impossible to see at a detailed level: What exactly are we doing during our commuting time, and more interestingly, how we could still be involved with great social causes, without any expense of our very valuable time.

What Cloudbike does

Cloudbike is an Arduino retrofitted exercise bike with real-time data analytics that generates Bitcoins based on the intensity of the user's exercise, and later, allows the user to make a donation to a public charity of their choice.

How We built it

  • Starting from the ground up, we immediately began building the hardware components for the bike -- 3D printing custom parts to fit with the bike's frame and waterproofing our Arduino hooked with our own hand-designed Infrared-Calibrated Tachometer to efficiently, and very accurately read RPM performance.
  • The next step involved developing our Android app, and integrating all of our hardware (Arduino, Tachometer, Microsoft Band, Bluetooth), and creating secure and reliable communications between all of our components.
  • Next comes the Backend Web Technologies. After gathering our data, we began setting up the services to store the data in our remote databases. Via remote Microsoft Azure Web Services and Virtual Machines, we were able to clean our data, conduct insightful data analysis and begin the incredibly CPU intensive hashing process in cloud mining Bitcoins!

Challenges We ran into

  • Integrating all of our backend technology was an incredible journey from every stage of the project, from 3D Printing our own custom parts, securing bluetooth connections between our sensors, and utilizing three different web services at once.
  • The hardest challenge must be a tie between integrating our web services and our bluetooth communications -- Bluetooth communications were on and off in terms of reliability throughout the hackathon, despite great hopeful spikes in performance at times.
  • In integrating our MongoDB hosted on an AWS EC2 Instance, our Bitcoin Mining Virtual Machine on Azure and NodeJS Azure Webapp, there were many inconsistencies in connections and implementing our resulting architecture.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are insanely happy with what we have built, especially given the fact that we each took an incredibly important role in the project, from bottom up, along with the incredible learning experience that went along with it.

What We learned

Everything, from Hardware, Bluetooth Protocols, Virtual Machine protocols, and the like!

What's next for Cloudbike

Expansion on reliability and scalability! And charity!

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