Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Asian carps, a species once foreign to the Great Lake, have now endangered the aboriginal creatures and fishery economy in the region. Elsewhere on this planet, the problem of alien species has also been threatening the sustainability of the world underwater. One good way to contain this situation and perhaps reverse this downward spiral is to predict the spawning and hatching period of the alien species so as to wipe it out completely. This method will be proven extremely effective in the case of the Asian carps in the Great Lake region. The Akubic team uses IOT technology to design a “low-cost water sensor” and a comprehensive solution complete with hardware, software, and cloud algorithm technology. Our versatile sensor provides timely data on water variation. It comes with a user-friendly graphic interface while performing various functions with little maintenance requirements. Its low manufacturing cost makes it the optimal choice for governmental agencies on limited budget. This sensor helps the authorities concerned identify high-risk zones that require the most immediate attention.

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