Gwent card game from the Witcher 3. I spent many hours this summer playing Witcher 3 and decided to make my own card game to challenge my game design skills and to have a game that I could truly play over and over again and appreciate for myself.

What it does

Plays my card game and asks questions about subject x in between turns to allow kids to passively play a game that exercises their brain while also learning new things and solving problems at the same time.

How I built it

We built it in C++ using the SDL 2.0 library for the video rendering element.

Challenges I ran into

Using SDL caused many problems and required us to spend hours on library errors that were completely independent from our code and dependent on how visual studio interprets SDL's libraries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the logic for the game was finally written properly, something I may use if I decide to complete my own version of this game on my own time.

What I learned

I strengthened my skills in C++ and object oriented programming as well as learned SDL and the power of visual studio's collaboration features.

What's next for Climb-Game

Create mobile app and add single player mode.

Built With

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