Impossibility of recycling medical dispose waste. The moment we're living - proportionate by COVID-19 - when people were so preoccupied in find a solution for straw because of a Youtube video with a turtle hurt by on in its nose. Suddenly, nothing more was important. They were fighting about toilet paper and left the masks they're using behind. It's important to remember before the virus we had problems with drugs trail in the hospital sewage.

What it does

The main idea is provide correct information to the society and healthcare professionals, once the WHO said lots of them were infected by the COVID-19 because they weren't able to use appropriately the PPE. My idea is providing all the necessary information to avoid new contamination and reduce the unappropriated medicine disposal. Other important fact is what we should do with all this disposal and recent research provides a possible to use part of those waste in a Biodigester.

How I built it

I programmed the website part was ready party was edited in php html. I used Adobe, Photoshop and Autodesk for design it. Methods are indicated by WHO, the dissertation and a paper o Journal of Cleaner Production of a team member. link

Challenges I ran into

The same way the society has changed and evaluated so the medicine. But we won't be able yet to recycle medical dispose. The reason is biological hazard. The World Health Organization use some best practices to find a way to dispose efficiently and sustainably. Some of those practices will be discussed with the community. Also, doctors will be able to share information, ideas and best practices with community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Always there's a way to share some new information. So, in the same way it was hard to make a review of different field, not only different but involving so many different ways of risk in passing the wrong information. I can say it will be amazing see the website but the solutions the whole world will be able to share and minimize the the ground or water contamination.

What I learned

How wonderful is the Earth with the adaptive environment capable to transform itself. Almost all the infected healthcare professionals were infected because they didn't know how to use or dispose protection equipment.

What's next for Cleaner Disposal

Improving the website. Making an app. The app is being improve. Provide the engineering and coast to make a biodigester.
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I have experience with Magento and the whole process of coding to integrate the physical inventory into the online. So we started to develop our idea from a ready e-commerce. Then, I realized it wasn't good enough. First problem was the login loop, even you were logged in as you leave the page to another it requested again your login. Second, problens to adequate the mobile page and desktop page. It's different not in the contain but in design. If you have the opportunity I recommend you sight both.

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Cleaner Disposal is achieving more with find smart, cheap  and cleaner projects to keep the health professionals and the society safe from improper usage of protection equipment or medical dispose waste. Learn more about what we do and how we work to promote environmental change.

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