Classler is your all-in-one, one stop shop for all, every, and more than you could think of university schedule organizer. Not only can you access an open forum, calendar, and receive notifications on when homework is due, Classler connects you with other classmates to help you study better. "Wha??", you may or may not ask. Classler locates the nearest students from your class and lets you see how far away help may be. You can then message and connect with other students, making new friends and boosting your grade. That's the "Classler Effect"!

My teammate and I came to MHacks with our bags on our backs, an idea, and barely enough HTML/CSS/Javascript to write a statement . What you see is our initial idea for look and feel. It's the bare bones CSS/HTML. We think this is a good idea, and wanted to use MHacks to get it out there, bounce ideas off our fellow hackers, and do a lot of learning. I am pleased to say we have good direction now, and are more than happy to receive feedback.

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