How can we identify and realize a way so everyone can work with freedom and joy to their own potential for their own dreams? How can we reach the Sustainable Development goals of the WHO faster then thought possible? How can we find a language that can communicate peace between all cultures? We're convinced that most humans want a future that is more sustainable, aware, peaceful and smart. Some want that for others, some for themselves and some for all of humanity. The differences only arise because of language - as this goal - independent of the prioritization - requires cooperation more then anything else.

What's next for Civilization.Earth is Civilization.Earth/Foundation

We want to allow anyone to watch the development of the architecture of future civilization from the very beginning on. This requires an interface which could be efficient if it would look like the one seen below. Graphic showing a globe as the center of an interface for communication and data access with many visualizations to choose from


To communicate an idea that can solve misconceptions and problems between humans is difficult because language can easily be misunderstood and the entire news of the 21st century paint a picture of confusion and overload. But there is a clear message which we want to promote: We - humanity - every conscious being on earth - can coexist peacefully if just enough accept to work together on one dream. If we allow each one of us to dream about a better future and we make this a type of work by definition, we can hack the current culture of similarity - a culture that rejects diversity without actively intending to do so. We need tools to enable others and ourselves to achieve a fomulation of a common dream - a better future. We need soul and technology as well as energy. As then technology will allow us to get back to nature in an entirely new way which will allow the human species to develop a healthy self image for the first time in human history.

The central obstacle: Complexity

A wild complexity appears - pokémon reference

The complexity behind reality and human life cannot be reduced to words and so far it failed to be grasped by words that cannot be misunderstood. And the soul of a living being cannot be reduced to bits, pictures or data. We need a new and superior form of hope - and the same is true for digital infrastructure. Because we are all hoping for a better world, Civilization.Earth proposes to hope practical by practical dreaming and enable others to watch how we turn incredible ideas into ordinary reality until they will catch the spirit of a new way of dreaming, communicating and life themselves. The only action required and the only invention necessary is a complexity breaking mechanism. This mechanism will be an interlink between all life on earth. An interlink - as I understand it - is a (minimally) bi-directional link which is interactive, actualizing and inter-individually optimizing.

Why Now

The current situation of humanity calls for the most effective strategy to induce a long lasting positive change on all domains of our daily, global and individual world and life. We want to propose to start with the digital infrastructure in the here and now and delay the complex discussion around it. We have too much domains to be seen and heard of that are important and all of your ideas and needs are as important to us, as our own. We want to build an interlink between all humans. We think there are enough beings who want to help, be or become the future of life on earth. We want to start with teaching our digital infrastructure about humanity and educating humanity about the first intelligent digital infrastructure after the internet: It is that what we started and start to build in 2020. We need a literal internet that is safe for children, fun for scientists and efficient for artists - and the right thing for you. Sounds impossible, sounds like a dream. Ok, then let's build it without preconceptions how it will - or will not look like. If there is a common goal, the lack of knowledge how it can be achieved should no longer prevent humans from reaching out to it.

What needs

You. More then everything. But to show this in a neutral and thereby universally enabling manner, somebody must make the first step which is 'not neutral' as it was a step by a person. I, as the original author of this may be a person - but my intention is to reflect neutrality above anything else. Not a passive neutrality (like the D.O.O.P. as seen in the series futurama), but the idea of an active engagement in fostering peace, universally inclusive design and awareness-diversity on earth. To optimize this process I want to propose the concept of a neutral human ID. A universally accessible ID that allows beings everywhere on the globe to find shelter, education and support for their lives. No other project uses a neutral human ID as their root, and this is another short answer why this project is different. No other system makes use of the domains,, and And you'll soon see that a domain can be the beginning of an entire dream. But a neutral dream must emerge between individuals. And that's why needs you.

The Science behind

The scientific motivation for the current masterplan is far too complex to communicate in a few minutes to somebody without background in theoretical computer science, complex dynamic systems and complexity science - but they are important nevertheless. If you are willing to look at the results of more then 10 years of research and have a decent ability to model and visualize fluid dynamics (or know somebody for whom one of these properties might be true) please reach out to me as soon as possible. I finished my part of theoretical problem solving about civilizatory management systems on February 23rd 2020. Since then I try to build a system which I call XERO and it is the connector idea between the plan, the design and their content - see the part 'What strategies we deploy'. I describe my work as multi-domain peacekeeping strategy and appear to be the expert on this area as there is no scientific literature to my knowledge focusing solely on exhaustive description and analysis how to manage and maintain polyparametric relationships in complex dynamic systems that aim for peace above anything else. I propose simplifications wherever possible. For the development process I want to propose a future-proof model that aspires usability and meaning beyond its long-term goals. (full scalability). Workflow description

The most important word

I can propose and promote the idea of neutrality, because it is about words and the words will lead to a domain which is owned by the author of this text. I want to incorporate and integrate content from universities, ||External links:, and the Global Priorities Institute || into a single open interface which will serve as the interlink of life. It will serve and work as bidirectional link between content and organization to beings like you and me - and with your help that might just work. Another collection will be produced at We are a community of diversity and no0isa0 We have a failing digital infrastructure and hence we need a smarter digital computation - and a first step must be a literal internet. Civilization.Earth is supposed to contain your idea. Not in order to take it away but in order to make it happen as it will allow you to connect to people who are also life minded - and like minded. So I tried and try my best to promote my dream about a neutral dream without participating in any promotion at all, because I do not want economy. I need you.


I know there are many ideas on earth and in your head. I - We want to be the one interlink between all of them. Between all current and future ideas to 'save the world', ideas to dream and to be creative and scientific in a new and free nature. Because nature must be a word that is identical to Civilization.Earth. And it is your and my task to start the backend of that - because if we agree on english, we can agree on this domain. Everything else is supposed to happen open, transparent and interactive with you and anyone you can imagine to accept coexisting with. We must not break loose a change. We must break loose from our inability to change.

Who proposes this

Info on me can be found at Zero.Build/Team. I don't want to play any particular role except providing ideas and helping the initial build of the project. There are infinite amounts of ideas and projects out there, so why should one more be necessary? In the end it can be broken down to many words and variants. To find the one you would prefer is almost impossible. As ideas never stem from only one place and are connected to reality and others with similar thinking, the founding team of Civilization.Earth proposes to provide more then one author by gamifying themselves within a complex plan to change the world. To allow gamification of elements that appear highly 'procedural' and not open for variation is a difficult task. But we must allow everyone to participate in building the future. To decrease the individual bias of the origin of an idea, I propose xeo as a multiplayer ID which has a complex back story and is open for your ideas about a better, cooler and more mature future. The author refers to themselves as ateo, the being who wanted to invent and develop xeo as something beautiful and helpful. But to allow anyone the usage of it, ateo must fail with their invention - because xeo must be invented by you as well. To pass on an empty idea to allow it to be filled by anyone is ateos mission. There is a complex story about the two characters but for me it is not the time to write stories. I want to use my life for a better future for all of life and hence I tried to find a shortcut for the difficult process of reaching out to people without being misunderstood.

What strategies we deploy

We want to start development of several systems and manage this development through multiple hubs. The central plan for this process however is split into three elements: an updated version of the plan itself which will always be found at - a way for a dream to interact with the human economic infrastructure which will be Dream.Design and a content we want to communicate which will be a smile - grasped at the domain


A dream design is supposed to become a phrase for virtualized ideas. I see myself as a Dream.Engineer because I do not share all relevant aspects with a designer. I do not share all relevant aspects with a trained dreamer (a 'lucid' dreamer). But I am able to come up with ideas and shape them according to what could fit into this world. The filetype '.dream' is a first result of this research/design/art process of mine. A dream file is supposed to be a basis for multimodal (and hence inclusive) data production, computation and usage.

xD and lol are common expressions in digital communications and for me they reflect one very important aspect of life: no smile is like the other. But between every smile, no matter how distant and different they are - there can be a connection. A smile is never alone and can always be connected through the dot in between, the word 'smile', or a new way of reaching out to people. We refer to this way as the the - agenda: The attempt to allow any being on earth an email account with their name The words may be empty for some - and its not intended to digitalize beings in a harmful way. We have a globalized world and except those who remain in their natural environment, at peace with their natural future - we depend on digital infrastructure to communicate emergencies, needs, questions, food and education. Without communication we cannot build infrastructure - and hence wants to provide everyone on earth with a way to connect to the virtual world.

We don't have a masterplan yet. All the content as of April is based on the research of the original author of this plan. They spend a lifetime researching the best approach to help the world. Now that they think that they found it, they need help to formalize and communicate it. I work on which is a software architecture for a high level AI which is based on multi-domain polyparametric computation theory. It will also be the connector between the dream, the content and the plan how to connect them. Aside this I try to keep updated everything reinterpreted in science functional stories and despriptions - something I call SciFu Art and examples of it can be seen at, and many more which will be gathered on spacetimebird in May 2020. A more extensive description about will be found at the respective domain by june 2020.

Challenges I faced

Contemporary language, logic and life. In other words - I must explain in simple words that my ideas bundle more content then can be explained in simple words. And that I spend more years, energy, tears and energy on them then can be seen from the outside (aside of the quantity of not-strictly-necessary words and domains which I own). I was supported by my family and friends and they kept me alive through years of severe disease and disability. I learned to look at life from outside my own eyes. I had to learn to love life because I was never able to give up. This is why I call myself a lifian and this concept bundles everything important that I think can be said about me. We need to engineer the future. I'm just an inventor of ideas, collector of words and all my inventions are yours as much as natures as they are based on words that stem from all of these. I am a spacetimebird and I want to be help to engineer the future. To do this in the present requires a practical dream - transcending reality and idea which I want to synthesize as dream design. At any day it is true that we are alive and try to fly to new heights of ideas and optimism for your and our future. Maybe you will fly with us to work on our future as an incredible spacetimebird - or you will play with us as your own species to interest energetic workers to focus on flying above the usual and the past. We need a language consisting of humans, dreams, hope and code - because only this will allow nature, technology and soul to re-familiarize.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

are only ideas. I have no excellence in any practical skill - except coming up with ideas and dreams in the face of desparation and dispair. I don't want or claim ownership of ideas. And I don't want to work for a lethal currency. Instead I would like to dream, develop and build a natural and holistic approach to organize human civilization and life. My presentation of these ideas here on devpost allowed me to connect to beautiful beings who share the same values of dreaming and solopreuneurship about a better world. My naive wordings (here and on all associated domains) will develop as I will develop my understanding in the course of communication with the world. Here was the first official introduction to all the ideas towards the world which I gathered in my life. I want to begin with the smallest particle of all to build the future human civilization: A free and universal healthcare infrastructure system. I name that ZERO - for Zonefree Emergency Response Operations and it can be found at I am inspired by the momentum of the #WeVsVirusHackathon mentality but I also see problems arising in this movement. The economic interest and impact on idea generation and development already started to split the original intentions and people experience frustration and rejection when their ideas are not accepted for Hackathons. Hence I propose to keep all these 'Hackathons' connected, to allow a trace between them. This requires an active software architecture that allows input and weighting of associations between individual hackathons. The competition should not produce the feeling to have lost. The participation should be a win itself. Hence another idea which I propose is the concept of a metahackathon - an umbrella concept to trace and associate actions on earth that serve a better future.

What I learned

You can find beautiful dreams in everyone of us. The most important and difficult part is to communicate and understand this. That's why we want to develop a dream-engine for our future - a new datatype, a new language and a new way of play and work. Its supposed to be inherently inclusive and consistently open for translation while maintaining full scalability. It could then also serve as a particle to bootstrap the descendant of the internet, with less inefficient redundancy and more inherent support for and through UN, NGOs, WHO, Systems, Universities, Data and You.


We develop a multilayer voting system and an associated means to connect these votes and the resulting systems to current economies and political structures. We will update descriptions of it in the future. I would like to find an app that can rapid-realize this process. Together with humanner we chose the strategy of a jumpathon. A jumpathon - as we understand it - is the idea that humans and ideas jump from formulations and concepts, languages and interfaces until they find a nest - a place to rest alone or with friends, with family or with dreams - independent of self, species, perception, color and language. Souls move. Lets help suffering souls that are stuck by reaching out to them with inspired electrons.

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