Having happy employees benefits everyone and promoting it is one of the the most important things an organization can do. We want to encourage them to take better care of their employees' mental wellbeing by creating a happier, more supportive work environment.

What it does

Circles lets you connect better with the people you work with and facilitates the creation of close-knit communities in professional spaces.

Add people to your circles, flaunt your achievements or applaud someone else's work through the shared feed, create and RSVP to meetups within the organization on the meetups page.

Check out the live prototype to see everything you can do on Circles!

Our Process

We started by making rough sketches and brainstorming ideas for the problem identified. Following that, we began to scope out project and thought about things like Who is the target audience? What are their needs? What design elements can best address those needs?

By making wireframes and user flows, we came up with a final design idea that we all agreed upon.

After picking the color scheme and logo, we divided the work such that each of us designed hi-fidelity screens for one user flow whilst taking feedback from everyone else.

The final step was to sit together and combine all the different user flows, addressing design language inconsistencies and making the final touches. The result is a fully-functional prototype! :D


Collaborating on a project is never easy but it doesn't get harder than four designers trying to work on the same design at the same time. It was difficult not to get stuck on every little detail but we powered through and helped each other along the way -- by giving feedback when solicited and taking regular breaks :P

Accomplishments we're proud of

It works! And we are proud that our project solves multiple problems at the same time. Every feature has been thought out from the user's point of view and addresses a need.

Also, it looks and feels pretty damn cool!

What we learned

We learned that it is possible to design a complete app in a couple of days. We learned that we work better when we allow room for everyone's opinion. We learned that feedback is what improves a product so it's silly to get attached and caught up in one design feature.

Also, it was Mahitha's first hackathon ever and she had a lot of fun :)

What's next for Circles - Connect | Learn | Grow

This prototype was designed in the context of a university. We think it can be extended as a community building solution for any organization. We plan on completing this design, testing it with users and iterating to make it better.

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