Face-to-face discussions stimulate interactive learning, essential in learning persuasion, story-telling, and presentation skills. Becomes extremely difficult in COVID-19

Each encounter with another human-being sparks ideas and conversations and allow different lives to mingle and interact

What it does

Each user signs up with True-Identity account with KYC (identity-verification), post availability in Calendly app, publish #hashtags of topics they want to discuss, use Vox of Life to mix-and-match Voice or Video groups

How I built it

Using existing apps as building blocks, Chocola App workflow can be put together in a very short time frame. Technologies: Fortmatic, Blockstack, NodeJS Server, GlideApp or Appgyver, Twilio, Calendly & Zapier, etc.

Challenges I ran into

People are reluctant to give out personal information for the KYC (identity verification). This is an essential part of protecting users and allow us to hold people accountable for their actions online, fostering a safe and responsible interactions within any discussion group.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to piece together with existing technology in a very practical application that solves a problem many people are facing.

What I learned

I was inspired by the Vox of Life app, and combining that with the True-Identity project that I did for another Hackathon, it provides a solution that is going to make international education a better and safer experience.

What's next for Chocola App

To build an actual prototype with No-Code combining the building blocks into a work flow.

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