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Decentralized publishing new social media platforms and tools

  • A privacy first, decentralized, social network
  • A secure distributed platform for content creation / photo management
  • Alternative social network: re-build and re-booting, distributed network?

What it does

A plug-in for users to take true ownership of their content. User sign-up and go through 1) Signature verification (on Ethereum) 2) KYC (not in this demo, but could be implemented with SaaS)

How I built it

Use the create-react-app with Redux template. I end up did not need to use Redux. I have integrated Fortmatic for user auth, because it generates an Ethereum wallet automatically, and the private key is NEVER owned other than the user. Once a user sign up, they will need to go through a "Verify Signature" process where the signed message is saved. For every other social media post, they need to verify the signature before they can send out the message.

Challenges I ran into

Not owning private key is quite challenging since I can no longer sign messages on behalf of the user. But this is the idea where users own ALL control of their data and posting rights.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI is actually decent for an engineer. ;-)

What I learned

KYC integration is tedious. And many people may not want to go through it with providing SSN.

What's next for True-Identity

To create a plug-in so users can sign all their posts

Test instruction

Try it out at:

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