Inspiration - Being that the organization serves homeless people, I believed it was imperative to create a design language that was inviting and colorful, which would represent the full spectrum of people, being aided or volunteering with this organization.

What it does - it serves as a design language that can be present throughout 1960's Hope centers branding and marketing, not just within there website but even with social media.

How I built it - I used adobe illustrator and drew out the logo.

Challenges I ran into - I didn't know how to code, so I resorted to doing something I know well, designing in the adobe creative cloud, I understand that my project doesn't serve as the product that the organization is looking for, but serves as something I see a more important, a redefined identity for this organization that helps so many people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I am really proud of the logo design and what we were able to represent with it, i think regardless of whether my website design is good or not, the logo itself i believe should be strongly considered.

What I learned - I learned UI design.

What's next for cHICKFILA_1960 - working on Hope Centers social media, and taking advantage of that tool.

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