Sometimes I forget to bring my room key after leaving room, so I need to stay outside until my room mate back to home. Otherwise, I need to pay extra money to hall officer to help me open the door. Although this problem can be solved, either the former or the later way is quite inconvenient. Come back to the factory causing the result, it is not difficult to find that our absent-mindedness is the main reason. Due to this daily inconvenient situation, an idea flashed thus into my mind, which is "Could we build an application that reminds me to bring everything I need before leaving home?"

What it does

  1. Establish personal database in cloud (a)make a list of personal Textbooks, student ID card, room key…etc (b)build personal time slot. eg. Google calendar

  2. Use mobile phone to compare the stuffs you bring with your personal time slot (a)check what you should bring before leaving room (b)notice user if he forgets to bring something

  3. Back to room to bring corresponding stuffs (a)automatically tell users where those stuffs are

  4. Remind you the day before you need those stuffs (a)Analyze user’s record to make system remind you smartly

How I built it

App development: Android Studio (JAVA)

Database storage and retrieve: Android Studio (JAVA), Python

User interface: Illustrator

3D model: Sketchup

Challenges I ran into

Access data and retrieve data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully embody our idea to an app. (App development) Friendly and beautiful user interface. (UI design)

What I learned

More functions in Android Studio such as combining calendar into our own app. Submit data to the cloud to build a database, and then retrieve it to mobile phone.

What's next for Check in Easy

Software aspect:

(a)Combine Google calendar into our app: users don't need to build another time slot for the app (b)Analyze user record: System can smartly make a reminder. (c)Combine the database with Weather center: user can be reminded to bring umbrella

Hardware aspect:

(a)Indoor location: use beacon to locate each objects (b)Identify objects: scan objects through QR code to build personal database.

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