I've analyzed all tracks available on the hack as well as sponsors from a product point of view checking multiple business-related hypotheses. Two of the hypotheses are not trivial and are available to propose growth in metrics of market-share and users amount in a close time (1-3 years).

What it does?

The first part of a project uses an actual client's geolocation profile in a recommendation system

  • to propose them the ways to utilize their existing banking products (e.g. location-actual special offers and the recommendation of use for credit products)
  • to extend communication with clients toolbox and methods

The second part of a project provides a better banking experience for the 'junior' age category of clients with gamification and parent-mentoring (parents have an ability to set the goals for children within the banking app). Obviously, it also uses a development-for-good geo-spatial proposal from a point above - the emergency locator of a child in a parental app.

How I built it

First of all, I've used 'open street map' data and API on a rapidly self-gathered dataset to mine insights and built a rec-sys baseline. Then, I've prototyped a working mobile application with its' user interface and prepared a presentation of my work.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to check ideas for such a limited amount of time and synthesize two selected in one product for such a conservative industry.

What's next for ChaseKey Junior

Implementation and testing within the bigger infrastructure. Moreover, the proposals may be implemented in the future bigger ecosystem or banking super-app.

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