Charity Bazaar helps charities create economic and social value by working on a global scale with businesses to connect, collaborate and succeed.

What it does

It provides a platform for businesses to donate their services to charities and also find their next potential clients. Also, it helps charities and non-profit organizations to further enhance their cause using technological solutions.

How we built it

Alexandra - was responsible for the visuals Anas - coded the frontend Fady - coded the backend

Challenges we ran into

Finding a consistent design language to use for the website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How it looks!! And we managed to create the final product.

What we learned

Fady - How to build REST API Anas - javascript animations Alex - Design grids

What's next for CharityBazaar

Develop the system for tracking the services and hours that businesses are donating to charities. Also, to assist businesses with their taxation. And to help charities understand the value of technological solutions available to them.

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