Residents of food deserts rely on unhealthy options, such as convenience stores and fast food restaurants as their main source of food. These places don't typically offer many healthy options and tend to be more expensive than grocery stores. Many people living in food deserts must drive 20 miles just to get groceries... that's tons of gas, money, and time! People living in food deserts are put at a financial and nutritional disadvantage. So why not work together to create a solution together?

What it does

We are Cartpool, an app designed to assist members of communities living in "food deserts". Cartpool was designed to invert the paradigm presented by Postmates, Doordash, and Instacart. Rather than pay someone to pick up groceries for you---a privilege reserved for the relatively wealthy---Cartpool helps small local communities collaborate on getting their own groceries. When you're overworked and just making ends meet, an hour roundtrip to get groceries can be killer, while a neighbor picking up some stuff you need can be a life saver. Cartpool is designed to facilitate these interactions, to help neighbors and friends help each other.

How I built it

We built Cartpool using Twilio APIs, Swift and Firebase / Google Cloud technologies.


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