Healthcare records are stored in separate places. The opportunity is to present data through a simple experience to allow members to make sense of even the most complex-chronic history. Clinical capabilities, resources and tools are big needs in the market.

What it does

It is the platform between doctors and patients. Doctor can use CARE+ website search all patients healthcare records information, and after analyze the patient's medical history, conditions, medications, claims, etc.. Doctor can have a video call with this patient. Patient can either use phone camera to see the 3D hospital room while was doing video call with doctor, OR use VR devices to really get into the room with doctor digital white board explanation and you can grab objects. In the end, patient can get recommendation for medical use.

How I built it

We are using "intersystem" and "Humana" sponsor's API to retrive information from patients. Use graphic design tools to create images and animation for futurist room and use Unity to built 3D world to import to VR devices. Use webRTC to make video call.

Challenges I ran into

1.Real time video call with send information & Real time receiving to VR devices

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Save time to take care of the health, Futurist direction and style. Has good solutions for big market for healthcare field.

What I learned

Brainstorming; Multiple software combination and team work

What's next for CARE+

Really go into market. Same format but can use in different fields. For exmaple, Real estate, shopping, etc..

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