have you ever walked in a street and saw a random car with lights on? or maybe the car was blocking the bus road? WE DID!, and said to our selves.. "I wished I could help this men". An idea just came to our head - lets make a mobile application where you can talk with the car owner and help him.

How it works

When you use CarCare for the first time, you will require to insert your phone number & car number. This information will be registered in our database(REST api with json). The next page you'll see is the main page, which let you choose a couple of features -

  1. ALERT - put a car number and choose a message from a message pool to send to the car owner.
  2. S.O.S - Stuck in the middle of the road run out of electricity in your car? send a broadcast to all the phones 3 kilometers from you about your problem, and they'll come to help you. If no one is in your area or no one is coming to help, you will get the number of the closest Tow.
  3. Settings - Manage your account - Change phone number, add another car, log out and more...
  4. Scoreboard - Helping other people? , why not gaining anything from it! - You'll gain points from helping others. Gain as much points as you can and get discount in gas stations & garages.

Challenges I ran into

What I learned

First of all we all learned from each other about their specialize(designer learned ios, ios learned android etc..).

What's next for CarCare

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