We saw that there was a huge disparity in aid donated and aid received for Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and the earthquake in Mexico.

What it does

We wanted to build a pipeline where everyone and anyone can contribute to getting the aid delivered in a timely and secured manner. As students, we may be limited in terms of monetary power, but the people we know can still help and we should be able to tap into our social network of various people of all ages to engage in a socially positive activity.

More importantly, peel the layers of distrust of organizations and institutions that had given charity a bad reputation. Base on the people you know and corporations that you trust which can deliver a positive impact, we wish to build a massive pipeline from cities to cities to deliver the best disaster relief.

How we built it

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS Backend: Python, Twilio

Challenges we ran into

We know that many people relied on Facebook and Twitter to seek help during disasters but many times, they are tight on the amount of energy they have on their phones. We thought about mobilizing Twilio to allow victims to seek help on a more reliable network (SMS).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dorna's first hackathon and she spent a chunk of time learning JS whoohoo! Combining our technical abilities in front and backend with design that we envisioned.

What we learned

We were learning more about Splunk's data sets as we proceeded with our project, branched out to learn React as well because of how fast it can deliver sites.

What's next for canduit

We want to be able to partner with organizations/community representatives that the public trusts in order to identify the major pushes in the pipelines and restore in trust in humanity!

We hope that canduit enables people at various ages/levels to do good. We wish to be able to incorporate Square/Venmo to make easier for funds to be raised for disaster relief but also identify more non-monetary donations such as solar panels or power generators or simply transportation/logistics as a direct and impactful way of helping victims of disasters.

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