Can It Recycle? is an application that empowers the community to efficiently and correctly dispose of goods. The application analyzes the UPC barcode of products, receives feedback on the information of the product, and then sends feedback to the user about its disposal process and recyclability.

Recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable material (for those of you head-asses that don’t know) -Less waste in landfills -Conservation of resources -Reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses and prevents pollution ...But people don’t know what they can recycle!

Can It Recycle? educates the public about how to recycle! -Feedback on recyclability -Feedback on how to recycle if there are special instructions -Gamified system encourages recycling through intrinsic motivation and stimuli

Technologies: We utilized Adobe Flash Actionscript 3.0 for the client-side of the application. We did not utilize server-side, but we did receive post variables from a .json file from an API to product names and prices. Furthermore, we utilized XML scripts to create the Android-manifest.xml and allow certain permissions for the application (some examples include webcam, internet, etc.)

Can It Recycle? is the future of recycling! -Gamified social media network will appeal to a larger target audience -Improved information on items and recycling -Improved recognition of items and processing capabilities -Improved user interface

Pravat Bhusal - Head Software Engineer Tejas Saboo - Chief Executive Officer and Software Architect Hrishikesh Rajashekarbabu - Head of Front-End Development (GUI) Rohith Rajashekarbabu - Head Software Architect

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