Call Card Match – Fostering remote work relationships


The COVID situation has forced many employees to work from home from one day to another. Working from home without any kind of preparation creates difficulties in our communication and the way we “connect” with others. Suddenly, there are gaps that would not exist or be filled in regular work situations in the office. Work relationships become even more distant and difficult to manage. Because of the direct confrontation of the home office life, collaborating with others becomes a challenge. Besides, knowledge sharing or conversations that happened at desks, coffee breaks, bus stop encounters etc. are not there anymore.


Subscription-based web-based platform service offered to business organisations. In the organisation workspace, an appealing and intuitive graphical user interface offers employees new ways to find coworkers so that they collaborate, share knowledge and follow personal interests, The service suggests and matches employees to support them in maintaining work relationships, sharing knowledge and cultivating shared personal interests while working over a period of time remotely, The service facilitates the work process by creating a more enjoyable remote work experience and developing a fruitful online workflow.

Call-Card Match – Website, WebApp

Is a simple collaboration & gathering platform that offers an overview of interests, knowledge and goals of the users in order to establish sustainable connections between them as well as develop an enjoyable remote workflow.

The “Call-Card Match” offers employees the opportunity to easily find other employees that match their common interests, goals and/or skills they would like to exchange. They can share their Call-Cards online to share via E-mail, internal communication software or social media. Anyone within the platform can refer an employee to another one to broaden the relationship network. The Call-Card Match will show all employees within the organisation. If they still don’t find a match, they can still go back to the platform and find a new one. The Call-Card contains only a portrait of the person and the key information provided by the user. The selection by categories gives the user the flexibility to find another user. The user-friendly Call-Card Match will help employees find ongoing online activities and will allow them to maintain existing relationships and gain new ones. It also offers a collection of resources if help and support is needed.

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