The earth needs one day for one rotation. Our life is based on this principle: we think, plan and experience in days. Therefore, every morning after getting up it is important for us to know what the current day will bring us. Appointments, tasks, activities, new knowledge, ... Keeping all this in mind is not so easy!

What it does

Calendify is an app that helps you to start your day with a good feeling. In a dashboard you can see everything you are interested in and what you subscribed to:

  • International awareness days
  • Interesting events
  • Personal appointments
  • Important tasks
  • Next steps in your schedules
  • Knowledge of the day
  • Wisdom of the day
  • Meals of the day
  • Offers of the day
  • etc. ...

The best thing is that you can network with others, e.g. your friends, family or people who are interested in the same things.

What's next for Calendify

Building native apps for Android and iOS.

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