As college freshman students, we are still learning our way around campus as we make our 2nd semester schedules and learning to manage our time better. But it's very hard when we have to put certain locations into Google maps to find our way everywhere. Introducing MapUrDay, an easy way to add events into a schedule and a map at the same time.

What it does

MapUrDay currently allows people to add events into our personal GUI and along with the open data map, OpenStreetView, allows events to be marked by location. The events are also able to be edited at any time and are stored on the user's computer.

How I built it

We built it in Java with mapjfx which uses Open Layers to allow us to manipulate the OpenStreetView map. Along with this we also used a JSON reader to obtain the geocode of locations from OpenStreetView and SQLite to store the schedules in a database.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was managing expectations versus reality. We had a lot of ideas and possibilities for this project but had to narrow it down to the basic framework of what can become a very useful app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The communication and unity between our team allowed us to all be working on different branches/parts of the project at the same time and then combine our various parts for a working project. In past projects, there's usually people who don't get any part in a project or a bajillion merge conflicts due to poor communication, but there was none here.

What I learned

I expanded a lot on my Java knowledge as I learned the basics of SQLite for databases and finally figured out how to read, parse and manipulate JSON files.

What's next for MapUrDay

Given the time restrictions, there was a lot that we wanted to do, but couldn't for MapUrDay. The first was to make MapUrDay a web app, which would increase its usability and universality. The second was the number of features we wanted to include. This would include a best route calculator based off of OpenStreetView's sidewalk routes and altitude maps, the addition of being able to add global events for others to join, and create a more aesthetic GUI. The final step for MapUrDay would be to make it a mobile app as this would make it very useful for college students who are always on the go.

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