Data As A Fuel

Big data systems have already started defining human interactions with advanced communication algorithms. User Generated Content (UGC) is used as a raw data to analyse user needs and to predict potential market shifts. However, the costs to maintain databases are huge. In most cases data is generated, extracted and stored without any specific goal. Coal mining has become cost ineffective, centuries before the coal was the main energy generator though. Thus, raw data is cheap to extract but cost ineffective to use because of the white noise it has.

The so-called “Yarovaya law” obliges companies to store all clients' voice records for a long period of time. This law initiative increases costs to maintain huge databases without any profit. However, the right business model in a combination with an advanced data analysis might create ecosystem and benefit each interested party.

Data As A Currency

Users want to monitor the amount of traffic used, minutes spent, messages sent. An interactive dashboard assists users with information about their network activity. This interactive dashboard is based on data extracted from the phone and from the system.

The exchange rate is defined by the general amount of traffic - the more traffic the system tracks, the better the exchange rate is. Thus, if users communicate more with each other, the liquidity increases and the more MTScoins they can get for their UGC.

After converting data to coins, the right on data storage is sealed and backed to MTScoin. MTScoin is a smart contract written on ETH for data storage. As a user buys MTScoins for UGC, data is written into the contract and is now encrypted. Thus, operator is no longer in charge of the data. Moreover, operator is developing a market place for partners to buy this data for special offers available to _ MTS.db _ users. MTS market place brings together users and companies that need data to make predictions and to adjust their services according to the market's needs. This simulates C2B business model that is scalable and flexible at the same time.

Companies are setting price on their special offers to get official rights on user's data and to acquire new customers. MTS takes fee from conversion data to coins.

Four basic features are developed:

  • UGC data aggregation
  • Data exchange as a gamification tool
  • Data Ownership Delivery
  • Access to special offers
  • Access to UGC

Such type of an ecosystem is able to increase Monthly active users (MAU) as well as Retention Rate. Users are interested in monitoring their network activity and are willing to have an access to special offers they can get. Companies are willing to have a direct access to real-time UGC that helps to improve their services. Thus, _ MTS.db _ generates revenue for all involved parties in the ecosystem.

Data Transfer

As a user generated enough data to be exchanged, s/he confirms data transfer in a user agreement. Data (UGC) is transferred from MTS databases to companies' servers with all rights. A user is granted with a special offer from the company that bought UGC from the user.

MTS.db creates a unique ecosystem that enriches Information and Fintech with a new type of collaboration between users, data owner and companies.

A New Digital World

Legal rights are to be scrutinised and investigated for developing a detailed law initiative. The main concern is in-between MTS and a company that is willing to acquire user's data. Database infrastructure is expected to be built from scratch to meet all needs and to serve user's needs.

Data As An Asset

MTS.db sets standards for the whole industry to change financial sector with new rules and prices. Information has been approved to be an intangible asset, hasn't been measured properly until now though.

MTS.db To Be Continued ...

C2B business model is the one that needs an intermediary for revenue generation. Thus, _ MTS.db _ platform is the one that is able to assist companies and to provide users with best offers from partners. For a successful implementation of the ecosystem MTS needs to:

  • Develop a strong legal framework
  • Build MTScoin-backed database for a successful data transfer
  • Provide a secure C2B transaction
  • Provide companies with unzipping tools for a further analysis
  • Market and promote MTS.db for user growth

This type of collaboration is expected to lead the market as it creates an ecosystem that is beneficial for all participants and no-one bears deadweight losses. _ MTS.db _ is a pioneer of the industry in the 21st century with all further opportunities being enclosed.

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