The Problem We See Everyday...

There are over 730 nonprofit organizations throughout Massachusetts. That's over 730 meaningful organizations that all need funding and volunteers, not to mention many specific needs. Because of this, it's generally accepted that 1 in 3 nonprofits will fail within ten years of opening its doors.

So, How Did We Solve This?

We created a portal, C Square, to match volunteers with specific skills to local nonprofits whose mission matches the volunteer's interests and can utilize that volunteer’s skill set. This intimate connection will foster lasting relationships between citizens and organizations solidifying the link between community and achievement. It takes a village…

This Is How We Did It

Hard work. A killer team. And some great food.

Were There Bumps In The Road?

Yep, but we came together to make it happen!

Are We Proud of What We Made?

Of course!! We are very excited to have created a working web application. Our team started as strangers and together grew as friends. We used one another's strengths and

What We Learned...

What we learned Since we were a team of complete strangers at the beginning, we learned to complement each other abilities and get to know each other. We were all very enlightened by the talks and when one person was confused, another teammate would take the time to patiently explain the concepts. Whether it be about business, coding in React or just empowering each other through friendship.

What's next for C Square

We want C Square to expand all across the nation and then the world.

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